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Changes a housing rule

Puts in a flashing crosswalk

Changes a policing policy

Gets your city to plant more trees

Provides tutors for homeless youth

Delivers access to safe water

Opens a health clinic

Gets clean-fuel buses on the road

Get an advocacy coach and $500 to launch a campaign that:

Get a team of advocacy experts, funding and the tools you need to address an issue in your community.

For everyone's benefit

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For individuals

A dedicated coach to help you design, test and launch your advocacy campaign with amazing support and $500 in seed funding.

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For organizations

A team of advocacy experts help your organization have a greater impact for your community, with up to $10,000 in funding.


For foundations

Get the support your grantees need to have a greater impact, while also discovering amazing new grant recipients.

We believe communities have what it takes to change unjust policies, but often lack the support and resources they need to succeed.
We’re on a mission to change that. Here's how.

From the very beginning of the process, you work with an advocacy coach to co-design and implement your campaign. Your coach helps keep you on track and makes sure you have the resources you need to succeed. Coaches have both expertise on your issue and know which advocacy strategy will have the highest likelihood of success for your campaign.

How is different

Unlike online petitions and “clicktivism,” you collaborate closely with advocacy experts to design a winning campaign that uses little-known strategies to change policies.’s proven, step-by-step approach helps you achieve the change your community needs.

You'll also get the money and tools you need to succeed.